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What is the minimum age you can be to enter?

Entrants need to be at least 7 years old as of 28th September 2017.

I am 30 years of age can I take part?

YES. There are two age categories: JUNIOR (7 to 15 years), SENIOR (16 years and over). The age division you perform in will depend upon your age as of Monday 2nd september 2017.

 What age group will I be put in if I perform with my brother who is 17 years old and I’m only 9 years old?

The age group you will be competing in will be the group that the oldest person in the act falls. In this case you will be performing in the 25 & under age division.

How will I know if my registration has been accepted?

All people who fill out a registration form online will be notified by email as to whether they have been successful in gaining a performance place.

Do I need to bring a microphone if I’m going to sing?

No. Melton Star Search will supply two radio microphones. There will be facilities to play music either from MP3 or CD.

Do I have to pick a song with a backing track ?

Yes. Singers must provide a backing track. Vocal backing recordings are not permitted.

I have got a dance routine that won’t fit on a stage, can I use the ground?

No. All acts must be presented on the stage. The stage dimensions are approx. 6 X 3 metres.
It is recommended that group dance acts not exceed 5 people.

I am in a band can we play?

There are a few restrictions. There is only one channel available for a ‘DI’ box. The setup of your act can take no more than two minutes. However in the past duo’s playing an organ and or guitar have been successful.

I have a comedy routine, is this appropriate for the quest?

Yes, all acts are encouraged particularly those that are varied to the common song and dance acts. Remember that a comedy routine works well if you make it a good 2 – 3 minute act rather than a patchy 5 minutes. This also applies to those who wish to present a magic act.

Can I change my performance time?

Only if there are times available on another day. Please state any days that are not suitable when completing your registration form. Please email Melton Star Search if you need to cancel your performance place to enable another act to take the spot.

Do I have to wear a costume or make up?

The more effort you make in various areas of your performance, will be reflected in the judges scores. So, wear something that you feel comfortable in and that is appropriate to your act.

What are the Acts judged on?

There are three areas which the judges will be assessing the acts:

1.Performance / Character

level of interaction with the crowd, showmanship, interview with host

2.Presentation / Costume

The effort the performer has gone to with their costume.

3.Talent / Ability / Skill Base

The level of skill and ability shown in the presented act.

What can I win?

Most promising vocalist (all performers are eligible)

Professional recording session (full day) for song of their chioce to

be played on local radio station 97.9fm

Rising star award Music (all performers are eligible)

Free one-on-one lessons in your chosen instument at Melton Music

Rising star award Dance/Drama (all performers are eligible)

Free group lessons in your chosen genre at Galactic Dance

Grand final winner

SENIOR: Prizes to the value of $300.00

JUNIOR: Prizes to the value of $200.00

Grand final runner up

SENIOR: Prizes to the value of $150.00

JUNIOR: Prizes to the value of $100.00

Grand final 3rd place

SENIOR: Prizes to the value of $75.00

JUNIOR: Prizes to the value of $50.00

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